Stainless Steel is the only metal used in pharma & food industry due to its non-reactive & non-crosive properties.

Water Handling

Whether it’s a question of pumping fresh water, storing waste water or turning sea water into fresh water, stainless steel is the natural material of choice since it won’t rust or corrode. The example of desalination – removing the salt from sea water to make it fit for consumption – is a particularly good example. The process usually used is one of distillation, and the combination of heat and high salt levels is such that only stainless steel is capable of standing up to the challenge.

Medical and Surgery Equipment

There are two ways in which stainless steel is used in the field of medicine. The first of these is for ‘normal’ stainless steel to be used to construct things such as surgical and dental instruments, operating tables and kidney dishes. The fact that stainless steel can easily be sterilised and won’t corrode makes it the ideal substance for items which have to be sterile in order to prevent and fight infection.

Another area which uses stainless steel is that of surgical implants – items such as pins and plates to hold broken bones in place and replacement joints.

Food Industry

Amongst several metals available, the food industry utilizes Stainless Steel (SST) for the construction of almost all food processing and storage equipment. Stainless steel is non‐reactive when in contact with food and water, so it does not take on flavors or odors of the food during the manufacturing process. 
This makes the equipment easier to use and to clean.Stainless steel is environment friendly.  It is theoretically 100% recyclable. Because it can be easily cleaned, aggressive cleaners are not needed and then not added to the wastewater stream.

Stainless Steel Tank vs Plastic Tank


SL. No. Parameters Paqos Stainless Steel Tank Plastic Tank
1. Water Quanlity Hygienic Toxic
2. Medically Approved Rejected
3. Growth of Algae & Fungus Nill Continues
4. Life of Tank Long Life Short Life
5. Hygiene All Time Clean All Time Dirty
6. Heat Absorption Good Nill

Different Capacity of the vessels

Capacity (Litres) Type Height with Stand(mm) Diameter(mm) Inlet Outlet Overflow Drain
500 Non Insulates 1250mm 970mm 1" 1" 1" 1.1/2"
Insulates 1300mm 1050mm 1" 1" 1" 1.1/2"
750 Non Insulates 1400mm 970mm 1" 1" 1" 1.1/2"
Insulates 1475mm 1050mm 1" 1" 1" 1.1/2"
1000 Non Insulates 1800mm 970mm 1" 1" 1" 1.1/2"
Insulates 1850mm 1050mm 1" 1.1/2" 1" 1.1/2"
1500 Non Insulates 1425mm 1340mm 1" 1.1/2" 1" 1.1/2"
Insulates 1500mm 1420mm 1" 1.1/2" 1" 1.1/2"
2000 Non Insulates 2025mm 1340mm 1.1/2" 1.1/2" 1" 1.1/2"
Insulates 2125mm 1420mm 1.1/2" 1.1/2" 1" 1.1/2"
2500 Non Insulates 1975mm 1400mm 1.1/2" 1.1/2" 1" 1.1/2"
Insulates 2075mm 1500mm 1.1/2" 1.1/2" 1" 1.1/2"
3000 Non Insulates 1825mm 1600mm 1.1/2" 2" 1.1/2" 2"
Insulates 2550mm 1700mm 1.1/2" 2" 1.1/2" 2"
4000 Non Insulates 2425mm 1600mm 1.1/2" 2" 1.1/2" 2"
Insulates 2550mm 1700mm 1.1/2" 2" 1.1/2" 2"
5000 Non Insulates 3125mm 1600mm 1.1/2" 2" 1.1/2" 2"
Insulates 3250mm 1700mm 1.1/2" 2" 1.1/2" 2"
Note #Non insulated tanks are available in SS304 & SS316L materials.
#Insulated tabks are available with inner & outer shell both in SS304 and with inner shell in SS316L & SS16L & outer shell in SS304.